The Future of Oncology

Client: Loxo Oncology, Inc.

The Challenge

Shofsky built biotech startup Loxo Oncology’s original site, creating a minimal, user-friendly interface based on the Expression Engine CMS. With Loxo’s IPO approaching, we faced the challenge of integrating a branded, SEC compliant investor relations site with their primary website.


Loxo wanted to implement the usability and minimalism of their primary site in a turnkey investor relations site. NASDAQ and other vendors’ hosted IR sites were template-based, poorly designed and failed to maintain cohesive branding with their clients’ primary site frameworks. NASDAQ’s stock chart was flash-based, preventing it from working on iPhones or iPads. Even with NASDAQ hosting the IR site, Loxo would still require Shofsky’s development services for their primary site. This clearly negated the idea that NASDAQ was a fully turnkey IR fix.


The Solution

We built Loxo a custom, compliant and self-hosted IR site that integrates with NASDAQ’s XML data feeds. We maintained a cohesive design and user-friendly experience from the primary website to their new, responsive IR site. The EE CMS foundation allowed us to easily scale their site for this purpose.


We provide Loxo the same features of NASDAQ’s IR service. Our scripts check NASDAQ’s XML feeds every minute for new events and presentations, press releases, SEC filings and stock quotes. We replaced NASDAQ’s default stock chart with a highly featured, mobile-ready alternative. A custom script automatically creates cleanly formatted PDFs from imported Globe Newswire press releases. Loxo’s self-hosted IR site ensures they retain complete ownership of their entire website. Should they ever decide to switch IR data vendors, the entire IR site can easily be ported to new data feed sources.



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