Interchange Motion Re-Brand

Client: Landesk Software, Inc.


Our Process

The Challenge

International IT giant Landesk had just completed a full redesign of their logo. They wanted to unveil the new logo at their annual, Interchange conference in Las Vegas. Interchange, attended by clients from around the world offers outstanding training and insight into their products. Attendees learn from experts, see the latest innovations and help influence Landesk’s plans for the future.


Our task was to create an exhilarating, animated introduction to their new logo accompanied with outstanding, universally appealing music.

The Solution

Our animation and music teams worked in conjunction to create a stunning final motion animation. We used the full gamut of colors available to us in their styleguide. A key element of their logo is the “chevron,” a theme we carried throughout the entire piece.


In our production studio, music was sourced and edited for length and progression. Foley (sound effects) was added as a final touch.


The end result “speaks” for itself.

First, we started with an animatic…

Then a draft for the logo unveiling…

And the finished product…

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