3D Isn’t Just for the Movies.

The Communication Challenge

At Shofsky, we aren’t just creatives.  We are scientists too.  It’s in our DNA.


Science has become so specialized, it’s often difficult to communicate complex ideas to scientists from other fields, let alone to the layperson. Even the brightest neuroscientist may have difficulty fully grasping concepts so beyond the realm of their specialty as string theory.


Effective use of visual aids is one of the most powerful methods to communicate complex science to colleagues, and to the public.


Shofsky can reproduce any molecule in the RSCB Protein Data Bank using the industry standard software PyMOL. Accompanied with descriptive molecular dynamics, we can create accurate modeling of countless proteins, inhibitions, oncogenic fusions and more.


But just modeling them isn’t enough. Using these models, our animation and music studios produce enticing, clear and scientifically accurate, narrated animations.  These can be used for educational purposes, or to set your company’s presentation apart at the next conference.


Drug Trials Phases

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