Wasatch “Chopper’s Beer House” Video Campaign

Client: Wasatch Brewery.

What’s a beer house?


It’s “The Year of the Can” at Wasatch Brewery, one of the most awarded craft-breweries in the USA.* Wasatch came to us seeking video content in documentary form about their legendary founder/rebel Greg Schirf. We believed this visionary (and notoriously sarcastic) “pioneer” deserved a more fitting tribute. Thusly, 4 episodes of “Chopper’s Beer House” were born.* We recommend you enjoy these beer-romps through the Rocky Mountains with one of Utah’s finest beers – that also happens to be in a can…


*Yes, Utah has good beer.

*Filmed with 100% Wasatch-to-set, actual-employees and founder.

Elevated State MASTER-ONLINE-1080-h264 from SHOFSKY on Vimeo.

Web Spots


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Elevated State MASTER-ONLINE-1080-h264 from SHOFSKY on Vimeo.

Elevated State

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Can Do

TV Spots

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Have a Beer 15s

Elevated State 30s

CANS_KUTV_FINAL-V5-R03-1080p-422HQ from SHOFSKY on Vimeo.

Cans 15s

The Crew

Concept by: Dan Morris & Tyler Measom

Producer: Dan Morris

Director: Tyler Measom

Screenwriters: Jeff Hanson, Tyler Measom, Dan Morris

Director of Photography: Geno Salvatori

Art Direction: Christian England

Production Design: Dillon Ellefson

Editing: Tyler Measom, Dan Morris

Music: Dan Morris, David Evanoff

Sound Mixing & Foley: David Evanoff

Digital Compositor: Eric Dehaven

Colorist: Eric Dehaven


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