Client: Aisling Capital


The Challenge

Aisling Capital approached us, interested in staying ahead in an increasingly competitive industry. Their former site did not effectively relate Aisling’s powerful brand to their primary areas of focus.

Aisling’s old site had a color scheme that didn’t complement their brand. It lacked a CMS and did not take advantage of the modern array of web-fonts that help make modern sites so striking. The team portraits and bios were contained in single JPEGs rather than in text, preventing search engines from being able to read members’ names and their corresponding bios.

Shofsky’s challenge was to create a cohesive web experience relating Aisling Capital’s brand to their biotech and healthcare focuses. Their investment team page was to be updated and showcased in an approachable manner. Particular attention needed to be paid to our conversion of their logo to a more usable vector format, given the strong reputation of their brand.

The Solution

The resulting website achieved these goals on time. Most importantly, it is true to Aisling’s brand. We conceptualized and directed the shoot, resulting in a Team page featuring an eye- catching photo mosaic. Subtle, textured backgrounds, from grey to hints of Aisling blue were added in post production. To avoid excessive menus on the site and to improve usability, we opted for easily accessible, SEO-optimized Javascript drop- down bios.


Our developers created a fully customized CMS, enabling the Aisling team to easily post press releases and update the status of any field for each of their portfolio companies.


Keeping with Aisling’s focus on biotech, healthcare and innovation, we crafted custom icons from familiar molecules. With its 6 hydrogen atoms radiating from a carbon hexagon, benzene was a metaphor for the diversity of their investment strategy. Coronene‘s multi-hexed structure represented the unity of their team.


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